Monday, 9 June 2014

Fatih Birol of the International Energy Agency says it all

As a member of the British Institute for Energy Economics (BIEE), I went last week to hear Dr Fatih Birol , Chief Economist of the IEA, @IEA present their 2014 World Energy Investment Outlook.
This was truly big picture stuff - the world needs to spend around $40 Trillion over the next twenty years renewing its energy infrastructure. Most of this will be spent by governments not companies - and if we follow his advice much of it will be on energy efficiency - including my pet subject, demand response , or time shifting. I asked Fatih how he thought we would square the circle of renewables rendering balancing supply from gas turbines uneconomic, and he confirmed my view that demand response was vital.

So, whatever direction you see electricity generation going, lop the peaks and fill the troughs!

If you haven't already done it- fit a time switch!

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