Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Excellent Session on Smart Grids at Exeter University's Centre for Business and Climate Solutions today

Whether by luck or design, we had an excellent session today led by Tamar Bourne of Regen SW on Smart grids.

Participants included Andrew Shadrake of Climate Positive, a community energy adviser, Steve Eastland, a Cullompton based architect with direct experience of energy outcomes in buildings, Nick Thorne of Lumicity, a large scale PV developer,. Also present was an inventor of smart energy switching and metering, an anaerobic digester installer, a bitcoin expert, and a PV panel saleslady- and me.

How do we get from where we are to a smart grid where renewables are matched by responsive demand? Can we wait for smart meters or should we act now? How can we resolve transmission capacity issues for PV today? What role does community energy and demand have in this?

We discussed all of these at some length and went away with our heads buzzing and the promise of conversations and projects to come.

The best day out for months, thanks to the organiser Lucy Hawkins and the presenter Tamar Bourne.