Thursday, 27 September 2018

Will Cows Save the Planet?

Soil contains a very large amount of carbon. A small increase in the weight of carbon as a percentage of soil weight would absorb all the excess carbon we have put into the atmosphere over the last two hundred years. How do we do it? Some people think we can do it by mimicking the grazing of wild animals, sometimes known as mob grazing. Farmers in Southern Africa and USA have been doing it for many years, and report a rapid increase in grass coverage of previously near desert land.
So - keep eating beef grown on farms using extensive grazing techniques - such as Quickes Farm in Newton St Cyres farmed by my wife Mary Quicke!
We will still of course need to dramatically reduce carbon inputs into the air from electricity generation - so all my other blogs still apply.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Low Carbon Technologies set to make Peak Demand Worse!

According to BEIS (which includes what was DECC) without demand side response (DSR) we will increase peak domestic electricity demand from  24 to 31 GW, an increase of 7GW or 29% by 2030.
Note that the trough is the same, so the curve shape has got worse.
I note they are only allocating a peak of 1GW to electric vehicles, which at 3kW per vehicle is only 330,000 vehicles, or 1% of the present vehicle population.
Most of the peak increase will come, they say, from heat pumps. Storage of heat is relatively easy and cheap, all you need is a larger hot water tank. These are common in biomass heating systems.
How do we publicise the vital necessity for domestic load shifting, awareness of which needs to accelerate now to meet future demands?
At the moment it's just word of mouth, so keep on telling people about it!