Friday, 24 February 2017

First Four Days Data from my New Owl Intuition

This is my electricity consumption for four days to 11.00 am on 22nd Feb 2017. There are large peaks for electric shower use, and smaller peaks for off peak heaters at night, and electric kettles.
I am reasonably happy with the relatively low consumption between 3 and 8pm, but I do have an immersion heater that kicks in very shortly thereafter. My wife complains if I leave it any later for it to start! Average consumption is running at 23.5 kWh (units) per day, only just under 1kW average, so let's see if I can reduce that. It should be relatively easy to do so as the seasons warm up (we have no aircon here in chilly England), the big test will be whether I can improve on like-for-like consumption over the years.  I now have almost entirely LED lighting, and mainly new A+++ fridges and freezers. The big consumers are night-time heating, washing appliances and immersion heaters.

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