Friday, 4 November 2016

Back to our Normal Winter Consumption Patterns

As the graphs for today, 4th November show,the clocks going back last weekend heralded a return to our traditional winter consumption pattern.
Each weekday, we have a daytime plateau from about 830am to 3pm, then a rise of 7GW to a peak at 530pm. Demand then drops back to the level of the daytime plateau by 830pm and continues to fall to a trough at around 4am.
The move from BST to GMT seems to exacerbate this peaky pattern. last Friday, before the clock change,as we can see from the Past Week chart on the right, had a much lower peak than any day this week.
Does the government take the extra required capacity cost implied by this into account when deciding on clock changes?
In any case, we are the ones who can make a difference by time-shifting our consumption.

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