Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Traffic Light System to aid DSR in the Home

There are two situations when it is desirable from a supply perspective for consumers to reduce demand:

  • when the grid is approaching total available capacity
  • when local voltage is at a low level, i.e. approaching the minimum legal limit of 216V
There are also two situations when it is desirable for consumers to increase demand:
  • when supply is in danger of becoming unstable locally - for example when there is high PV generation and low demand.
  • when national demand falls below the level required to maintain nuclear generation and/or stability, which is also likely to be at times of high renewable generation.
All of this information and a recommendation for action can be automatically generated from publicly available data, such as national real-time demand, frequency, and local voltage.

This can be displayed in a simple matrix:

The consumer can then decide what action to take based on the recommendation and informed by the supply situation.

Can you help me turn this into a device or an app?

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