Thursday, 16 October 2014

If Hinkley C costs £16 billion, how much is it worth to get rid of the 7GW peak?

At £16 billion, Hinkley C is costing a staggering £5 billion per GW.
If we carry on like this, our electricty capacity will cost us about £5,000 each!
That's each person, so nearer £15,000 per household.
Are we willing to do anything about it?
I hope so.
Eliminating the 7GW peak would save us £35 billion for a start.
It would be worth the Government giving away smart appliances that delay switching on to after peak times.
Think about it.
A new dishwasher  would save £500 in generating capacity cost even on the conservative assumption that shifting its use out of the peak period only saves 100W.
Please Mr Davey, can I have a new washing machine? I promise not to use it between 3 and 8pm in winter....
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